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Reverend Deidric I. Tupper, Co-Pastor

Deidric I. Tupper was born on January 23rd to Mr. Albert & Mrs. Velta Tupper.  He attended Detroit Public Schools, later matriculating at Wayne County Community College and the University of Detroit Mercy where he has received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Economics.  He is currently working toward a Master Degree in Religious Studies.  Deidric Tupper has always been a civic minded individual and served in various community capacities such as: Committee Member for the American Heart Association, City of Detroit Combined Charity Campaign, Chairman of the City of Detroit/Wayne County Census 2000 Religious Outreach, and Editor of the Community Newsletter – “The Neighborhood Connection.”

Mayor Dennis W. Archer, along with Deputy Mayor Freeman Hendrix saw an energetic young man dedicated in service to his community and appointed him to serve as Assistant to the Mayor II, the 5th highest appointed position in the City of Detroit’s Mayor’s Office. 

As such he was requested to serve in many civic capacities such as: City of Detroit Public Budget Hearings Organization Committee, City of Detroit Research Committee for Centralized Computer System, City of Detroit Municipal Parking Department, Detroit Housing and Empowerment Zone assisting New St. Paul Economic Development Corporation in securing additional funds through the Empowerment Zone for Home Buyers Program, Neighborhood First Steering Committee (Pilot Project), U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Planning Committee, State of Michigan Renaissance Zone Committee, City of Detroit Planning and Development Department Faith-Based Workshop Committee, Detroit Emergency Management Council, City of Detroit Goal Based Governance/Core Priorities Committee, Mayor’s Office-Neighborhood City Hall “Neighborhood Link” Website Editor, City of Detroit Human Rights Department and City of Detroit Mayor’s Office Solicitor for Initiatives.

After over twenty five years of service to the City of Detroit, Rev. Deidric Tupper retired from active service.  Rev. Tupper excelled in bringing together the religious and civic communities to advance a holistic approach to government have gained him recognition as a “bridge-builder” to other denominations such so that the Chief Executive Officer of Wayne County, Michigan, Robert A. Ficano, brought him into the County Executive Office as Senior Executive and Director of Faith-Based Initiatives and Community Outreach. 

Rev. Tupper was saved at a very young age under the Pastorate of Bishop Herbert Jai Williams, Sr.  He later acknowledges his call to the ministry under the guidance of his father, Pastor Isaac T. Street & Bishop Herbert J. Williams, Sr.  Ordained in 1993, he worked diligently in many positions in the local church including: Musician (Greater Emmanuel Church of God in Christ), Van Ministry President (Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ), and Building Maintenance President (Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ), Music President (Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ), Sunday School Supt. (Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ), Youth Dept. President (Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ), Pastors’ Aid President (Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ), Pastors’ Anniversary Chairman (Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ), District Youth Dept. Vice-President (Headquarters District-North Central Jurisdiction), Regional Director Jurisdictional Music Dept ( North Central Jurisdiction).

Rev. Tupper later began serving again under the direct leadership of Bishop Herbert J. Williams, Sr. in 1991 and immediately was assigned to serve at Jackson Memorial Church of God in Christ in the following capacities:  Men’s Dept Chairman (100 Men in Black), Minister Alliance Chairman, Pastors’ Aid Committee, Pastors’ Anniversary Committee and Tribe Captain.

Realizing that Rev. Tupper was a true visionary with a message and leadership ability to carry the work further, Bishop Herbert J. Williams, Sr. elevated him to the following capacities: Assistant State Sunday School Supt., Executive Secretary State AIM Convention, State Sunday School Supt, Vice Chairman State AIM Convention, Chief Adjutant, Jurisdictional Platform Committee, Jurisdictional Program Committee, Special Committee to the Bishop and State Executive Board.

As a direct result of his faithful service, Rev. Tupper was recommended to serve in the Church of God in Christ, International as: Member of the Task Force to the General Board, National Adjutant, and National Marshall.  Rev. Tupper served faithfully driving over the highway over 17 years until he was planted into another vineyard.

On April 14, 2005 Rev. Tupper was reunited into the jurisdiction of his birth, the Historic First Northeast Jurisdiction Michigan upon his membership with the New St. Paul Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, under the Pastorate of the dynamic, preacher, teacher, leader and administrator, General Board Member and 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop P. A. Brooks.  Exhibiting a genuine concern for ministry, Bishop P. A. Brooks began to utilize Rev. Tupper by assigning him to serve in the following areas at New St. Paul Tabernacle Church: Task Force Member to the Bishop, Transportation Committee to the Bishop and Chairman and Mentor Advisor to the Youth Dept.  Later, Rev. Tupper was appointed to serve in the following capacities of Historic First Northeast Jurisdiction Michigan: State Platform Committee, Episcopal Adjutant, Political Action Committee and State Youth Department President.  Through the wisdom of Bishop P. A. Brooks, Rev. Tupper was elevated to serve as an Overseer Adjutant in the Office of the Presiding Bishop under the direction of Bishop Matthew Williams, Adjutant General and Pastor of the New Faith Temple Church of God in Christ.

Bishop P. A. Brooks’s vision transcends into his civic and humanitarian activities that brought the formulation of the Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops of the Church of God in Christ in which Rev. Tupper serve as: Liaison to the Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops and Public Policy Institute for Justice Political Action Committee Screening Committee.

Rev. Deidric I. Tupper was united in holy matrimony to the sunshine of his life and gifted woman of GOD, Natasha Christina Tupper.  They are blessed to have five children, Ashlee’ Janelle, Autumnn Brianna, Arolynn Leigh, Deidric Ira, II and Morgan Chelsie Tupper.

Rev. Deidric Tupper accomplished, his abundant love for, and his unfeigned devotion in the ministry instills within the leadership of the church and community confidence that he is truly a man of GOD.